Where do I park?

There are 7,677 parking spaces in downtown Greensboro. Metered parking is free after 6 pm. City parking lots and decks are free after 6 pm entry until 9 pm. After 9 pm, there is a $2 flat rate per entry until 3 am. You can find many parking locations listed right here on our site.

I am interested in opening my business downtown. Can you help?

Yes! Please contact Downtown Greensboro Inc. at (336) 379-0060 or info@downtowngreensboro.org

I want to live downtown. Where do I start?

Start with our residential property listings on our site.

How is DGI funded?

The major funding source for the organization is from the Municipal Service District or Business Improvement District (BID) that levies a special assessment on Downtown business and property owners to provide enhanced services and programs that benefit the ratepayers. This district was created by City Council in 2005 after a petition process demonstrated support by over 60% of the property owners. These funds are governed by state law and are intended to enhance, not replace, government funding to Downtown.

Are there Opportunity Zones in downtown Greensboro?

Yes! Find out more here.