Brooklyn Woods Consulting

Brooklyn Woods Consulting is a leadership development business.

Built to service female entrepreneurs and small to midsize businesses and individuals looking to lead in life. My business offers business leadership master classes, communication groups, pop-up workshops, and private and team coaching opportunities. We accomplish this goal by constructing the curriculum that educates you on a strategic plan that will increase value and positive outcomes in areas most valuable to your business or lifestyle management goals.

One of the things that I do best, is motivating people and teams to understand the creation of new habits and outlooks that lead to improved performances in how they lead in work and life. Find the most strategic options to creating systems, operations and educational plans that get the work done more successfully and with the right people!

As the CEO, I have had the pleasure to impact the lives of leaders through the course of an over 20-year career. Serving in various leadership roles in education, banking, and hr management. During that time, I’ve acquired some valuable skills, obtained graduate level knowledge, met some awesome people and encouraged others to strategically plan for more successful outcomes. I would love the opportunity to work with you!

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Greensboro 27406 NC US
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