Greensboro Transit Authority

Public Transportation

Riding GTA is Easy!

To use the extensive network of GTA transportation services, you need to know only three things – where you are, where you are going, and what time you need to be there.

Passengers may board or exit a GTA bus at any clearly marked GTA stop or shelter and at the J. Douglas Galyon Depot, 236-C E. Washington St. in downtown Greensboro.

GTA service is called “pay enter.” As you board the bus, drop exact cash fare ($1.50) into the farebox or swipe your pass or transfer through the farebox. As you take your seat, please leave the front seats for seniors or passengers with disabilities. Occupy only one seat, and place purses, packages and other personal items safely at your feet within your seat area.

To signal the bus to stop at a GTA bus stop or shelter, pull down on the cord located directly over the window or push the vertical strip on the side of the window. Signal for the vehicle to stop as you approach your desired shelter or stop. If you are uncertain about your stop location, ask your operator. He or she will assist you.

Questions about GTA Routes, Schedules and Fares

Call GTA Customer Service at (336) 335-6499 from 5:15 am to 11 pm Mondays through Fridays, 6 am to 10 pm on Saturdays and 6 am to 6 pm on Sundays.

Rider Rules and Courtesy

  • Animals – Only trained guide and service animals assisting persons with disabilities are permitted on GTA vehicles. Please see GTA Service Animal Policy below.
  • Baby Strollers – Strollers should be folded and stowed away safely on the vehicle.
  • Cell Phones – Cellular telephones are permitted to be used on GTA vehicles. Please be considerate of other passengers by keeping your voice low and keeping conversations to a minimum.
  • Drinking – Please refrain from consuming beverages of any kind while on board GTA vehicles. Closed beverage containers are permitted on board but beverages may not be consumed while on the vehicle.
    Eating – Please refrain from eating while on board GTA vehicles.
  • Front Row Seating – Please allow senior riders and riders with disabilities to use the first two rows of seating.
  • Headphones – Passengers must use headphones when listening to portable electronic devices. Please keep the volume at a reasonable level to avoid disturbing your fellow riders.
  • Profanity – Please be considerate of other passengers and refrain from the use of profanity.
  • Smoking – Smoking is not permitted on board GTA vehicles.
  • Trash – Dispose of trash in the onboard receptacles or in trash cans provided at bus shelters and stops. Please do your part to keep our buses and our community clean.
  • Unruly Behavior – Disruptive and unruly behavior is not permitted at GTA stops, shelters, facilities or on board GTA vehicles.
  • Weapons – Any object that is used to threaten, injure or cause damage to a person or property may be regarded as a weapon and is, therefore, prohibited on board GTA vehicles and inside, around or near GTA facilities.


Rider Safety and Convenience

  • Bicycle Racks – Many GTA buses are equipped with bicycles racks located on the front of the vehicle. The racks can accommodate two bicycles, and passengers are solely responsible for safely securing and removing their bicycles from the rack. Check with your operator before loading or unloading your bicycle.
  • Hazardous Materials – Gasoline, car batteries, or any flammable liquids or substances are not permitted on board GTA vehicles or inside GTA facilities.
  • Kneeling Buses – All GTA vehicles are equipped with “kneeling” bus technology that allows the vehicle operator to lower and raise the vehicle entrance to accommodate senior citizens and riders with disabilities. Ask your operator about the availability of this feature as you board your bus.
  • Lost and Found – Items found on GTA vehicles may be turned in to the vehicle operator. Found items also may be dropped off at the J. Douglas Galyon Depot, 236-C E. Washington St. To report lost items on GTA vehicles, contact the Customer Service Center at 336-335-6499. Lost items may be picked up at the GTA Administrative Offices, 223 W. Meadowview Rd. Items are kept for 30 days.
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